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Vivint Smart Home

Do-it-yourself smart house security systems are fantastic for frugal homeowners that wish to save money by tracking their houses themselves, but these programs leave this up for you to do it as soon as an alert is triggered. They do not check to see if everything is OK if your smoke alarm goes off or if the front door alarm is triggered, and they do not call the regional authorities. For the sort of reaction, you will need a subscription-based service such as the one which includes all the Vivint Smart Home security program. With Vivint you receive around-the-clock home tracking with a remarkably rapid response when an alarm goes away, in addition to a selection of discretionary house automation solutions, all of which may be controlled by a smartphone, a PC, or even a 7-inch touch-screen controller panel.

Vivint Smart Home systems and parts are not cheap, but as soon as you choose a plan you do not need to lift a finger; Vivint technicians come to your home, install whatever, and provide you with a thorough tour of how it works.

Vivint Plans and Pricing
If you purchase a Vivint system, you buy whatever hardware you require like door/window detectors, motion detectors, cameras, and thermostats. A 599 Vivint Starter Kit has a Smart Hub, a set of door/window detectors, 1 movement sensor, and a single water detector. You also receive a $100 credit toward extra parts.

The Vivint service program is $49.99 a month and provides you 24/7 professional tracking and full utilization of the mobile program, such as alarm notifications. Additionally, it enables you to command smart home devices like door locks, movie doorbells, and thermostats, and it assists with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice controls. Additional benefits of this service program comprise 14 days of recorded video storage for clips of up to 90 minutes in duration, 30 days of constant storage together with the purchase price of a Vivint Smart Drive ($249), 24/7 online and phone technical assistance, in-home tech solutions, and an enlarged equipment guarantee.

Vivint Components
Extra component costs are significantly higher than what you receive from the contest. Door/window detectors go for $50 per year, whereas FrontPoint and SimpliSafe equally charge $14.99 for each detector. A Vivint glass-break sensor will put you back $100, while Cove costs $30 and Brinks costs $79. Vivint’s cost of $169.99 because of the Element Thermostat is fairly much based on what you may expect to cover a normal smart thermostat like the Sensi Touch Smart Thermostat ST75 ($169).
The Vivint Ping Camera ($199.99) is exceptional since it may initiate two-way communicating working with a telephone button which sends a notification to customers who are linked to the system. That feature worked well in testing, and the camera also provides exceptional night and day movies, supports event-triggered recording, and contrasts with other intelligent home devices.

Vivint Program and Performance
You’ll be able to command the Vivint system remotely with free Android and iOS programs, and by a PC with a web console. Additionally, it supports Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice commands, and functions with Nest Thermostats and Philips Hue smart light bulbs.
Together with the cellular program, the house screen shows how many windows and doors are open and that doors have been unlocked. Additionally, it includes a major button for arming and disarming the system and switches for locking and unlocking your doors. The activity bar at the bottom of the display Includes icons for Security, Cameras, Devices, Cars, and tasks.

Tapping the Security icon takes you back to the home screen and tapping on the camera takes you to a screen where you can see live video from each camera and also watch clips from listed events like motion detection or whenever someone rings the doorbell. The Devices icon takes you to a webpage where you can turn wall sockets and light switches off and on.

When you’ve got a Vivint Car Guard installed in a couple of vehicles, you’re going to observe a Cars icon which takes you to a screen where you can see information on every car like gas and battery amounts and some other mechanical troubles. Harness an automobile to look at its existing location and status (parked, driving, offline). If the vehicle is presently driving, you can tap the map to determine where it’s and follow its journey in real-time. Here it is also possible to see trip history maps and see things such as harsh braking and quick acceleration events and overall distance traveled.

A Powerful Security System for Skilled Tracking
With Vivint Smart Home, you receive a full-size home security system that’s always being tracked, and a detailed home automation alternative it is possible to control from almost everywhere, such as cameras using Smart Sentry, a high-resolution movie doorbell, and a device to keep an eye on your cars. Granted, it is possible to save yourself a great deal of cash on parts using a DIY home security system from Abode or even SimpliSafe, but this usually means you are responsible for the setup and upkeep of each element. Like most completely monitored home security solutions, the Vivint Smart Home system is not affordable, but if you would like the reassurance that comes with knowing that your house is protected and secure 24/7, it is money well-spent.