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DIY Crafts For Dried Flowers

It can be tough to throw off a vase filled with cut flowers. I am positive I am not the only person that receives them so infrequently that I can not stand to eliminate the exceptional treat. I guess that is why I hang them upside down to dry out in my own garage. Of course, after a while, it may begin to resemble a strange and morbid backyard that has increased on the ceiling. However, there are lots of crafty techniques to utilize your dried flowers to decorate your home or pass the gift on to a different expressive soul (even though for many applications, you might choose to press flowers as opposed to hanging them to dry).

1. Card stock. You have probably noticed those insanely expensive greeting cards made from handmade paper with leaves and flower petals meshed to it. As you may not wish to go to the trouble of creating your own newspaper (though, then again( you might ), you are still able to create an exceptional appearance of your own. Simply discomfort some pre-made card or paper stock (rub it using coffee grounds, blot it using tea bags, and crumple it somewhat ) and then rub a bit tacky paste and carefully press on the petals. You may also sew around the edges with a few gold threads for a costly look at a little price.

2. Sachets. Rather than purchasing these convenient little baggies to maintain your lingerie drawer sweetly scented, receive a breathable bag (or create one from lace, lace, or a tight mesh, such as pantyhose), fill it with petals, and mix it with a pretty ribbon. Voila! Immediate potpourri. And you could always create a fancier version for presents.

3. Decoupage. If you simply can not determine what to do with this old coffee table that has been in your home permanently (you know, the one with all the stained shirts), then look at giving it a floral makeover. Proceed to the regional craft shop and pick up some decoupage paste, a brayer (this really is a smoothing tool that is kind of like a rolling pin, but if you do not wish to purchase one, select for Popsicle sticks rather ) along with a sponge or paintbrush. From that point, all you’ve got to do is paint a coating of adhesive onto the surface, set the petals in almost any pattern or structure you pick, and seal it using a couple of layers of adhesive which you may smooth and sew with the brayer (the final result should be rather smooth, though you might want to sand it lightly).

4. Wall art. Old-timey hand-drawn blossoms torn from the pages of fauna and flora guidebooks have lately made their way to house shops anywhere in the guise of chic, framed art for your powder room. So make your own by pressing little wildflowers, pasting them to charge card inventory, and composing their Latin name. Then throw them at an old framework you discovered at a garage sale to provide them that antique appearance you adore (for less).

5. Hats. If you are among the numerous girls who love a fantastic chapeau, then instead your brim with a few dried blossoms. Most likely the most efficient way of drying them would be to make use of glycerin (which leaves the blossoms slightly shinier and lasts longer than other approaches). Simply submerge them into a solution of 2 parts warm water to a part antifreeze (or alternative glycerin) for two to three weeks until you hang them to dry. As soon as they are fully dry, then simply affix them into your own hat with ribbons or pins. They won’t continue forever, and you’re going to need to avoid getting them wet, but they can earn a great seasonal addition to your favorite summer hat.