Why It’s Worth It to Get a College Education

With the current job environment, many people wonder if getting a college degree is worth it. There has been a prevailing trend in recent years toward an increase in the difficulty that newly minted college grads face in finding gainful employment. It’s almost as costly to finish college as it would have been to not go at all. Each year, the salary gap between those with a college degree and those without becomes greater. Here are some important arguments for why college education is still a good idea.

Increased marketability and employment retention.

College graduates are less likely to be laid off during economic downturns, as shown by the College Board’s Education Pays report. A college or psychology graduate will have an easier time obtaining a new job after being laid off than her counterpart, who did not complete a bachelor’s degree program. Earning a degree can increase your odds of making it through the next economic downturn if you’ve struggled since the last one.

Higher self-esteem and confidence.

The Education Pays study found that those with a college degree are better able to handle challenges and have a more positive outlook on life. A so-called study of people can dramatically impact a person’s confidence and sense of self-worth, both on and off the job, almost immediately.

Gaining access to better jobs.

When faced with a dead-end job, many decide to return to schools like MTA to earn their degree. A bachelor’s degree will unlock more doors for you inside and outside your current organization. You’ll be able to apply for better positions, rise through the ranks of your current company, and find real meaning in your work.


Broadened horizons.

When pursuing a degree, it is common to study topics you would have chosen not to do otherwise, just to fulfill a prerequisite. This can help you see things from a different angle and teach fresh approaches to relating to people in your circle of influence at work, at home, and neighborhood. Relax if you’ve been putting off going back to school because you’re worried you won’t do well in math or English. These areas of study, if included in a degree program, might turn out to be useful in surprising ways. You might not have gotten the benefits of learning something new if you had stuck to a more comfortable route.

Making new acquaintances and expanding your network.

The friends and acquaintances you establish in college can profoundly impact your life. Join a club or introduce yourself to some of your new classmates if you decide to return to school. Online course participants can network with each other using LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Your friend may be able to help you land an interview (or even a job) with her company once you graduate from college. Without a degree, you might not be able to find work in the field of your choice.



If you’ve always considered furthering your education, now is the perfect time to do it. Your life will improve in significant ways if you go to college. You will be in a stronger position to find work, stand out as a candidate, increase your earning potential, and improve your financial and professional stability. You can find a way to make getting a degree affordable even if you’re in a tight spot financially.