Want to Revert Back To iOS 9.3.2 From iOS 10? Here Are A Few Steps To Do It

Last week in WWDC 2016 Apple has released the latest version of iOS software and the developer’s version is already available to those who are interested to use it. But it is obvious that the first version of this OS would not be that stable and it will be difficult to use in the iPhone or any other Apple gadget. If you have already downloaded the 1st beta version of iOS 10 and want to revert back to iOS 9.3.2, then here are some steps to do it:


How to Downgrade from iOS 10 Beta to iOS 9.3.2 on iPhone, iPad and iPod

Firstly, you need to take a back up of all the data present in your device in cloud or in your computer.

Thereafter, you have to download the iOS 9.3.2 ISPW which is compatible with your Apple gadget in your computer. To downgrade from the latest to the older version of the software, this is absolutely necessary.

Here is the Download link of iOS 9.3.2 ISPW

A tab is going to appear labeled iOS, click on it some options are going to appear on the screen. Among the different options only iOS 9.3.2 is going to be green color. This mean that you can revert back to only this version of the software. The iOS 9.3.2 version needs 2GB space, therefore your gadget must have that much of free space.

Without iTunes it is not possible to degrade to an older version of iOS, so make sure that you have downloaded iTunes before starting the process. Now, plugin your iPhone or iPad to the PC and click on iTunes. Check the rectangular box in iTunes and find out these options: Check for update or Restore iPhone or iPad or iPod.

Next, if you are using Mac then press on the Alt key and simultaneously click on Check for updates. If you are using Windows OS, press on Shift key and simultaneously click on Check for updates. A pop up box is going to appear with many options. Generally the last of all the options is iOS 9.3.x IPSW, once you have found this option click on it.

After that you will get to see another pop up box on the screen with the following message: ‘iTunes will update your iPod/iPhone/iPad to iOS 9.3.2 and will verify the update with Apple.’ Just below it you will find the update button, click on it.

Instantaneously, the screen on your device will become black and your gadget will be updated. After sometimes the white logo of Apple will appear. Once the process start do not press home button or the screen of the phone as the process might get disrupted. Moreover make sure that the USB connection is strong or else you have to start the process from the beginning.

Different gadgets are going to take different time to update, so wait till your gadget gets updated and then restart the device. If your device is password protected, you have to enter it and then wait for it set up.

Once done, go to Settings and check for the version of software showing there. If it shows iOS 9.3.2, then the downgrade process has been successful.

If you are not ready to take risk with the working of your gadget, then downgrading from iOS 10 is the best option available for you. The best and most stable version of the software is going to be released along with iPhone 7. Then you can easily update it and enjoy all the new updates and tweaks that has been introduced in iOS 10.

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