Most of the people use a drone for a hobby. They often use these toys for photography as well and apart from these uses, many people are aware of how drones are being used in the real world at the moment. The technology has come a long way since the first drone was invented. Today, the drones can fly at the really high altitude and the range of the zone has been extended to hundreds and thousands of kilometer. Drones have the capability of saving life and at the same time, the drone can also help the business. So let us see how drones are being used these days.


  • Photography – This doesn’t need any mention. Photography with drones gained a lot of popularity in recent years and a lot of people are attracted towards the technology because of this. There is drone which can follow you and take your photographs at random interval. Some of the photographers use drones to click photographs at the event as well.
  • Surveillance – This is one of the oldest use of the drones. Drones are often used for surveillance purpose so as to protect the property or the borders. It is possible to keep an eye on the enemy or the intruder with help of drone. Drones which are built with the purpose of surveillance comes with a high-resolution camera with optical zoom and these machines are really silent hence it becomes easy to spy on the enemy or any intruder that enters your property.
  • War Zones – Drones had been in use in the war for a long time. They were used in Afghanistan and Iraq wars and the drones fly really high in such war zones. The enemy is clueless about the presence of drone. Such drones can prove to be really helpful for allied forces as they can track the movement of the enemy in real time. Some of the drones are loaded with laser guided or GPS guided missiles and they can destroy enemy targets in nick of time. A lot of attacks were planned with help of such drones in Afghanistan war and they helped in eliminated terrorist without putting anyone’s life in danger.
  • Delivery and Business – Amazon and UPS are already in process of using drones for delivery of the package on the trial basis. They have done a lot of research in the field and they also attempted many such deliveries which were successful. There are some companies that deliver food or other consumables through the drone. A company event went up to the extent of delivering pizza with help of drones.
  • Medical Purpose – There are drones which are being developed to help the patients with cardiac arrest. It is a universal fact that the patients suffering from cardiac arrest needs to reach the hospital at the earliest and every second is important to them. A lot of research and development is being done in this area but at the moment the drones are used to deliver medicines in case of emergency.

So what do you think about these uses, do you think that best drones can be used for a better purpose? Do you think that the drone has a wider use? do not forget to check the best products reviews before buying.


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