Steps To Use 3D Touch in iPhone 6s and 6s Plus Powered by iOS 10

Last year iOS 9 came with a lot of improvisations in the Control Center which made the iPhone users very happy indeed. If they were happy with last year’s update, they are going to be super excited with this year’s 3D Touch in the Control Center.


You might find it a bit difficult to use the 3D Touch in control center at the very beginning, so here we are trying to help you with the steps to master it.

This 3D Touch feature works with some features present in the control center like the calculator, time, camera and torch. So swipe on the screen of your phone from the bottom of your screen upwards and the control center will appear on the screen.

If you pres on the Torch, you will be presented with three options low, medium and high intensity light to choose from.

If you want to set an alarm, then press on the icon of the alarm and hour, minutes, seconds options will open up before you to set the time.

Using calculator is easy. Just press on that icon and this app will open up for you.

Using the camera is also easy. Simply click on the camera icon and the app is going to launch with all the four modes i.e selfie mode, video recording mode, normal photo taking mode and slow recording mode.

Therefore, directly from the control center you can get access to these apps, without taking the trouble to unlock the phone. This is definitely one of the coolest additions made in iOS 10 which makes the latest OS all the more user friendly.

iOS 10 developers version is still now available to all the developers. But you can also download the beta version and use it. However, since it is the beta version, there are likely to be some clashes in the OS like battery may drain out really fast, some of the apps might not work properly etc. You can try the beta version right away or wait for the users version to launch in the last quarter of 2016!!

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