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Steps to Take In Cleaning Your Glass Bong

When you smoke cannabis in a glass water pipe known as a bong, the resin from the weed steadily accumulates over time. This leaves a sticky residue on the glass’s surfaces. If the stickiness becomes too thick, the bong will become unusable. It also discolors the water and dilutes the taste of the cannabis. This article explains how to keep your smoking equipment clean, functional, and fresh-tasting to enhance your cannabis smoking experience.

Remove the bowl and stem.

The bowl and stem are where you will place your weed you obtained from a service for cannabis delivery in Fort Erie, Ontario. This section can be removed and makes cleaning the bong much easier. You don’t want to get the bowl wet when pouring the bong water.

Empty the old water.

Because bong water is sticky and resinous, it’s best to avoid pouring it down the drain. Pour it into the garbage if you have a properly sealed trash bag, or pour it into a sealed container to toss away. You can dump bong water outside but don’t water plants. The same bacteria and mold that might hurt you will also harm your plants.

Place the bong in a zip-top bag.

A huge gallon-size bag should be large enough to contain the mess. If you don’t have a zip-top bag, you can complete the following steps in a garbage bag or over your sink. Just be cautious because the bong resin may adhere to the sides of your sink.

Fill the bong with isopropyl alcohol.

Fill the bong with alcohol. Use 16 ounces of alcohol, or enough to fill the bong halfway. Instead, pour bong-cleaning isopropyl into the bong. Vinegar and baking soda can replace isopropyl alcohol.

Fill the bong halfway with salt.

This salt aids in gently scrubbing the interior of the bong to remove the resin. The alcohol cleans it relatively well, but the salt removes the buildup from the bong’s sides. Use a reasonable amount to ensure the salt can scour off the resin.

Shake the bag.

This can get messy, so shut the bag and shake the alcohol and salt combination about the interior of the bong. If you’re using a percolator bong, ensure the mixture gets into all the chambers. To permeate all crevices, you may tip the bong upside down a few times.

Allow 30 minutes for it to soak. 

Allow the alcohol mixture to settle with the bong for around 30 minutes. This step isn’t always essential, depending on how dirty you let your bong become, but soaking it improves the efficacy of the alcohol in cleaning your glass.


Remove the bong and discard the bag. Here’s why the bag is important: you can simply seal the bag full of dirty bong water and throw it away. This eliminates the resin mess in the sink.

Rinse the bong with warm water and soap.

Removing alcohol and salt from the bong before using it is preferable, especially since alcohol is flammable. To remove any remaining oil from the glass, use dish soap and warm water.

Soak the bowl and stem in alcohol to clean them.

Scrub any stuck-on resin from the stem with a pipe cleaner. Rinse it thoroughly with hot water and allow it to dry completely before loading it with cannabis from a service for weed delivery in Niagara Falls, Ontario.


Cleaning your glass pipe or bong regularly is non-negotiable, unlike cleaning your room or doing the dishes. Not only is smoking from a dirty pipe disgusting, but you may also be inhaling leftover tar or affecting the entire flavor of your buds. So, if you want to taste your cannabis and all of its terpenes every time you light up instead of stale bong water, you must clean your bong properly to savor your weed’s flavors.