Steps To Play Inline Video in iOS 10 On iPhone/iPad Using Safari

iOS 10 has come with loads of cool updates that is definitely going to make the users happy. One of the latest additions in iOS 10 that is going to make you happy is the opportunity to play inline video on your iPhone. So now you can watch videos directly from the website you are viewing using Safari without using any other app. Earlier inline videos could be only seen in iPad, now this feature will be available in iPhone as well. This is how you could watch inline videos on your iPhone:


First of all you have to click on Safari and launch the app.

Then surf for websites and click on it and once the website has opened up, click on the video.

The video will automatically start playing on the full screen mode. The resize button is present on the right hand corner of the screen. You can click on it to get a smaller view. The video will continue to play even if you open a new tab using Safari.

The beta developer version of the OS is available to the developers and beta version for all iPhone and iPad users will be available soon. So install the latest version of the OS on your phone at the earliest to enjoy all the new features.

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