Probable Features of Apple’s 2016 Flagship iPhone 7, Revealed Through iOS 10

iPhone 7 Apple’s flagship smartphone of 2016 will be released in the month of September and thus the cyber space is buzzing with rumors about the features of this smartphone. In the WWDC 2016, the features of iOS 10 were revealed which gave us a fair idea about the probable features of iPhone 7. Here are the features of iPhone 7 that we speculated from the features of iOS 10. Though we are not absolutely sure, but we can’t rule out these possibilities.



Till now all the iPhones have been integrated with LCD display. There are fair chances of iPhone 7 coming with OLED or AMOLED display instead of the LCD display as in the beta version of iOS 10 we have found a dark mode at least in some of the apps. This might be a hint that iPhone 7 is going to come with AMOLED display along with dark mode. This is going to a very good update in iPhone 7 as it is going to make the phone more energy efficient. LCD display requires LED backlight, but AMOLED or OLED display would not require that. Thus making the phone energy efficient specially in dark mode.

However, there are some complications tagged along with this assumption:

Firstly, iPhone 7’s design is based on iPhone 6s and these two smartphones are likely to have same features. Moreover, in iPhone 6s LED light is used for sensing the 3D Touch. So if it is replaced by OLED display, then the developers have to design a new technology for integrating 3D Touch in the next generation phone. Lastly, an advanced technology Quantum Dot has already evolved, so Apple might just skip OLED or AMOLED and integrated Quantum Dot display directly.

RAW Support

iOS 10 is going to come with RAW support. This is great news for all the iPhone users as now they can blindly trust there camera DSLR quality picture. Till now whenever a shot was clicked using iPhone, the phone’s processor used to process it and store it in JPG format. In this process lot of data that has been captured by the sensors of the phone was lost and we could not use professional photo editing software to edit the picture and make it better.

However, iOS 10 will support RAW which is a feature of the DSLR camera. It helps in retaining all the data that has been captured by the sensors and thus a whole range of photo editing options will be available to the users. Thus iPhone 7 is expected to come with features that will help in getting better quality pictures.

Better Picture Quality

The iOS 10 is going to support wide gamut color which means that it supports DCI – P3 color gamut. This feature is supported by two Apple gadgets namely, iMac 2015 with retina display and iPad Pro of 2016. Though it is very difficult to describe the kind of difference the presence of DCI –P3 going to make, but once you see the two displays one with wider color gamut and another normal one, you will be able to see the difference clearly. Therefore, if the iOS 10 supports wider color gamut, then we can expect iPhone 7 to have DCI – P3 color range.

iPad Pro also comes with True Tone that uses the light sensors that adjusts its color according to the color temperature of the area they are in. We might get to see this feature in iPhone 7 as well.

Developer version of the iOS 10 software was floated a few weeks back which gave us clues about the features of iPhone 7. The public beta version of iOS 10 will be out soon, thus providing us with more clues about the features of iPhone 7.

We will keep updating our readers about the latest news and rumors, so stay hooked on with us!!

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