Sony’s upcoming PS5 could be a cloud-based gaming platform. The company’s latest offering PS4 is being hailed as the most powerful console, out selling Microsoft’s Xbox One. After offering this monster of a console, fans are now relay looking forward to the release of PS5. Naturally several speculations are already doing the rounds including the one that says, Sony is planning to eradicate physical compact disks.


Cloud-based Platform?

The PS5 is going to be revolutionary. It’s a popular belief that the Playstation 5 isn’t coming out anytime soon and by the time it launches digital downloads and cloud-based storage will become so popular that ditching the use of disk in PS5 won’t bad idea. Looks like PS5 could just be the first console to take a plunge into cloud-based platform. It’s not a sudden foray for Sony because they already have pushed into cloud computing. In early 2016, they launched PlayStation TV console to rival Google’s Chromecast streaming service.

PlayStation 5 Rumoured Specs

It’s been over two decades since Sony launched their first PlayStation gaming console way back in 1994. The Japanese company launched an improved version of PS4 called the PS4 Pro in 2016 that quickly became a market favourite and was dubbed by many tech enthusiasts as the most powerful gaming console of recent times. PS4 Pro comes with improved hardware that enables 4K rendering and improved PlayStation VR performance, including an upgraded 4.2 teraflops GPU processing power, and a higher CPU clock. Naturally there’s going to be a number of new developments in Sony’s PS5.

Tech enthusiast has been wondering if they’ll ever see the new PlayStation 5. Although not official, there’s strong belief that the PS5 will come out in 2019, some speculating 2020 too. Any details surrounding the consol e is mere speculation. Speaking of these speculations, PS5 will feature new memory concept technologies. There are at least two such memory concept that may roll out with PS5. One being non-volatile and stackable 3D Xpoint Memory (it has 125 times more density than DRAM providing optimal performance) as well as 3D Stacked Memory which is expected to come out around 2019.

The PS4 sports 1 TB of internal storage as well as 8GB of RAM and the PS5 is expected to ramp up. We are not sure about the number because by the time the console comes out more technologies might be introduced. As far as internal memory is concerned, the console is likely to feature at least 16GB of internal memory irrespective of the RAM. Following Sony’s trend of using Graphics chipsets, it is being speculated that the console will feature and high-end AMD chipset that is currently under development, exclusively for PS5.

PS5 will also feature something called the Optical Wave Guide technology. Instead of the electron-based OLED technology for display and processing, the console will run on optical waveguides technology. This particular piece of technology is being expected with high hopes. One very important piece of rumour doing the rounds is that the PlayStation 5 is going to cost something between $500 to $600 when it comes out in 2019.



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