PC market is highly heated due to the launch of Microsoft Window’s 10 and Apple is planning to walk in the same path by launching the Mac innovative version of OS X with better function ability and improvements. This news is yet to be confirmed in WWDC, WorldWide Developers Conference in June where the green signal regarding OS X 10.12 version of Mac will be announced. It is believed that this version will not be confined its activity to bug fixation or performance updates like 10.10 Yosemite- 10.11E1 Captain.

OS X 10.12

OS X 10.12 Release date

Precisely the release date of OS X 10.12 is not announced yet but as per the trend of Apple the sample of this new process will release somewhere in June in WWDC and will be offered for sale in November. The more exciting part is the codename provided to this program, “Fuji.” This sobriquet is not referring to the Fuji apples from California; it is trying to hit the thought process of users.

We are not sure if Apple will stick to this moniker till the final release as Syrah was the codename given to 10.10 Yosemite earlier but there was no mention about it during the final day. It seems Apple had trademarked several names of California fruits, landmark etc.

The final name of this version may be a water body name as the two previous OS X versions were Yosemite and E1 Captain in 2014-15 and Mavericks (name of water body) in 2013. When it comes to the OS X title Apple had ensure that it is planning to revert back to MAC OS label by utilizing this name in the current environmental report which is till now read as OS X.

What exactly could be expected from OS X 10.12?

Nothing has hit the market about the features of OS X 10.12 version but as per the rumors, Apple users are going to get beyond imagination.


It may be that the name OS X will be removed completely and since June it will again be called as Mac OS version 1.

Appearance of Siri

Virtual Siri personal assistant is going to be included in the OS X 10.12. Siri started in 2011in iOS but Apple is planning to start it in Macs now! May be it is because Microsoft has come up with Cortana in Windows 10 since 2015, July. Cortana also support PC, Android, Apple’s iOS platform etc. Cortana is introduced in all the devices lately by Microsoft. Even an iPhone could be found by Cortana when used on PC. When Siri is added to Mac, Apple will be able to deliver twin services to the users of IPad and Iphone having Mac based computer. The most demanded of Mac including hands-free answering questions, playing music through iTunes, voice searching etc when Siri will be added to it. Siri can be activated just be pressing a key on your device.


More improvements than E1 Captain are surely expected by the users. There are many features that users are expecting, like:

Improved file system and back up procedure

Mac user are already able to save files in external hard drives but something more upgraded is demanded in order to handle several large files together. It seems this time Apple is working for more secured way like iCloud features for Mac users to store and upload big files easily and safely and at the same time operate them through any gadget.

Presently Apple’s iCloud is available with free online storage of 5 GB with 1TB, 25GB and 200GB at an extended rate. It seems larger storage space will be offered by Apple at economical rate for having better experience while loading movies through HD screen.

An innovative file system is also expected from OS X as the traditional HFS+ system of file has become too monotonous. A complete new and innovative in-house file system or an improved version is expected somewhere similar to Boot File System.

Diminishing iTunes

There are several Mac users who do not enjoy iTunes as it is too slow and it actually turns the process of shoving files too clunk from Mac to iPhone and IPad and vice-versa. Apple users have lately demanded different apps to control the content of video, pictures and music.

Android users are free to buy products from browser or store app and Google also supply standalone apps for the similar purpose. Apple users are allowed to access these features through Google for their iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad but the services of Apple are not there for Android. Syncing video over Android gadget and other media and previewing them over Mac App Store. There are endless Apple users who want to have web based storefront which could be operated through any device for buying media content. The preview option will also be helpful to get the demo the Apple Software before buying them.

Improved support for Swift

Improved version of Swift Programming Language could act wonder for cherishing the Apple users. Earlier created only for OS X, WatchOS, iOS, tvOS etc had turned the experience of app making too simple and creative and is acting like an aid to other developer for building better apps in app creating process. Improved syntax could be a better idea too! Apple should provide the Swift update to OS X 10.12 so that the traditional Swift apps could be transformed into completely new Swift platform. Including the option of saving data is a better idea too. Linux also supports Swift.

Improved photo apps

It is highly expected that OS X 10.12 will come up with better photo apps then iPhoto 9.6.1. Much about it is yet to be revealed but it is for sure as per the rumors aperture level function will not be seen in the apps. Certain new editing tools are expected to be added like in photo editing option like EXIF information editing, altering photos parameter etc. Mac version is likely to have these features.

Additional features

2016, June WWDC conference is awaited by all Apple users and it is expected that more unexpected features will be added then what one have planned. An overall excellent feature is what all the Apple users are awaiting.

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