A Much Awaited Feature Included in iOS 10 Beta Version: Live Broadcasting

At the WWDC 2016 Apple developers one of the new features that iOS 10 is going to support i.e. live broadcasting while using different apps. The iOS 10 beta 2 developer’s version as well as the beta 1 public version already supports this feature. The live streaming of videos is done with the help of ReplayKit framework that has been introduced in iOS 10 for the first time.

Live Broadcasting ios 10

Previously, the ReplayKit framework that was available in the iPad allowed users to record videos that could be viewed or shared later. But now an extension has been added to the ReplayKit called Swift Playgrounds which allows to stream videos live without saving it for later viewing.

This live broadcasting option is available for a large number of apps. Users have already started streaming games like Asphalt 8. But this feature is going to work only on the 64 bit gadgets. So the latest iPhones as well as the iPhone 6 range phones will support live streaming of games. This feature was not present in the iOS 10 beta 1 developer’s version. It was added later on.

The ultimate user version of the iOS 10 is going to be released along with the latest iPhone i.e. iPhone 7 which is going to be released in the month of September. The beta versions of the software are now floated to test the OS and work on them.

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