iOS 10 Jailbreak : Latest Update On iOS 10/ iOS 10.0.1 Jailbreak

The last version of iOS platform that had a jailbreak solution was 9.3.3. iPhone, iPad or iPod users having their device run on still have the option to release their gadget using the solution given by Pangu. In the subsequent platforms that were released after that all the vulnerabilities were patched, hence neither iOS 9.3.4 nor iOS 9.3.5 could be jailbreaked.


However, very lately a jailbreak for iOS 9.3.4 was released followed by a video of how to go about it. But we are not really sure whether the susceptibilities in iOS 9.3.4 have been patched already in iOS 10 or not. We are also not sure whether the methods used to jailbreak iOS 9.3.4 will be applicable for iOS 10 or not.

Before going into any further details for the technique to jailbreak, we have to keep in mind some facts. Firstly, iOS 10 has undergone a thorough change and eight beta seeds were incorporated in the new iOS along with a GM seed for the final updated version. iOS 10 will be released soon, therefore the question of its jailbreaked version has become all the more important to all the iPhone, iPad and iPod users whose device is compatible to get an update to iOS 10.

We have already seen Pangu team and iH8snOw coming up with a demo version of jailbreak of iOS 10 beta version. But we are quite sure that when ultimately iOS 10 will be released, then all the loopholes will be patched by the Apple developers. So an immensely work is waiting for the community who are going to work on iOS 10 jailbreak. We are sure that team Pangu and others have already started working on the iOS 10 jailbreak. However, we are not really sure when they will be able to come out with an ideal solution to this problem.

Stay tuned for more updates on iOS 10 jailbreak. We are going to update you as soon as we get to know about it.

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