iPhone/iPad Users Will Enjoy ‘Differential Privacy’ in iOS 10

Apple has introduced ‘Differential Privacy’ for the first time in iOS 10 in order to collect data that will be required to make its gadgets smarter and more intelligent. The data collected will aid the developers to enhance the features of its artificial intelligence. However, the users will have the liberty to disable this feature, if they wish to do so and hence the name ‘differential privacy’.

iPhone Users Will Enjoy ‘Differential Privacy’ in iOS 10

We knew that iOS 10 is going to be integrated with ‘differential privacy’ since the WWDC 2016, but the developers didn’t provide us with further details about this feature. A latest report published in Recode has provided us with some details about this particular feature of iOS 10.

There are four particular instances where the differential privacy can be used. Firstly, if the users are using a new word, then it can be added to the dictionary. Then it will also keep a track of all the emojis that the users are frequently using and thus suggest it in the future course of time. Thirdly, it will also track the links of the apps and lastly search for information within the notes.

This feature will be turned on only with the approval of the user. For the first time when you will start using iOS 10, then a message is going to pop up asking for your consent to turn on/off differential privacy. You can opt out of  it, if you do not want the gadget to keep a tab on your activities.

This is not a unique feature that Apple is introducing for the first time, but Apple is using it for the first time.

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