iOS 10’s Code Broken Already (Jailbreak), Though Not Released Publicly

After the WWDC 2016 iOS 10’s beta version is already out exclusively for the developers. And to Apple’s dismay within a day or two the OS’s has been jailbroken. The tech expert who has successfully broken the code of iOS 10 have posted a video how he jailbroke iOS 10 and the best part is, it is still working fine.


The latest version of iOS 9 i.e. iOS 9.3.2’s code has not yet been broken and the next version of this software i.e. iOS 9.3.3 will be out in sometimes. We think that only when iOS 10 will be out publicly, then only users will be able to break the code.

Though the video proves that jailbreak is possible but until iOS 10 user’s version is released we won’t be able to confirm how reliable it is. It might so happen that Apple is going equip iOS 10 beta version in such a way that the jailbreak process that have been shown in the above video would not work anymore.

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