iOS 10’s Awesome Feature: Updated Siri Coming Out in 2016

iOS 9 is going to be launched any time soon and we have also got idea about the updated features iOS 9. Apple aficionados have already started contemplating about the features of iOS 10, which is expected to arrive in 2016.


Rumor has it that Apple is presently working on an innovative voicemail service that it wishes to introduce in the next generation iOS platform. While the old users find voicemail convenient when it cannot reach out to the person on the other end, new users are more keen on sending text messages when they cannot contact the person on the other end. Apple wishes to provide all the users with an easy way to deal with the problem and that’s why it had taken up the initiative to update Siri which will resolve this problem.

The updated Siri that will come with iOS 10 would have the capability to answer phone calls on the users’ behalf when they cannot pick up the call. Thereafter, Siri would convert the convert the voicemail into a text message automatically and store it in iCloud. In this way users can get rid from a common problem i.e. there would be no chance of missing out vital details while listening to voicemails. Introduction of this feature is also going to make iPhones all the more safe as users need not share information like their location or why they can’t pick up the call with the person who is calling.

However, we must mention here that Android users have been using this feature from a long time with Google Voice. But we must also admit that Google Voice has a lot of flaws on which the developers needs to work on. We are pretty sure that Apple is already aware of the flaws of Google Voice and it is going to work on this upgrade in a way so that iCloud Voicemail works perfectly.

Introduction of features like iCloud voicemail and unique sim card in Apple’s future generation phone could also indicate that Apple may introduce mobile virtual network operator service in the future.

Siri had been made a lot smarter in iOS 9 itself. This time it has been programmed to understand terminologies like ‘it and this’ when the users use these words perfectly. Moreover, iOS 9 will be compatible with a range of Apple products like iPhones, iPods, iPads etc. Apple has tried to tighten the security features of iOS 9 by increasing the length of the passcode from four to six.

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