iOS 10 Features Apple Stole from Third Party App

What is the true bliss??? Being an iPhone owner if you can do all sort of technical smart works right from the phone in your hand, that’s true bliss! Apple’s new mobile OS, iOS 10 has arrived a few days ago. For its exceptional new features it has been in the centre of lime light since the rumors of its features and release date were leaked.


We all believed that what Apple invents, others copy that. It happened many times before and even the latest 3D touch technology which was introduced by Apple in iPhone 6S is being copied by the other frontline companies like Samsung, Xiaomi, HTC etc. But do you know the other side of the story??

Yes, you got it right. Apple has stolen many ideas from other (third party) apps also!

I know, like me all iPhone lovers will go in a sudden shock and the immediate word that will come out from their hearts is “REALLY??”

It’s surprising however it’s the reality. When we received the feeds from the users, we cross-examined those and the outcomes are nothing but some “Stolen ideas”!!

Ideas are meant to be distributed. Apple, as an intelligent smartphone maker took every useful features from the market.

I know buddy, you won’t believe these. That’s why we have prepared a list where every those apps are included which are taken for initial ideas by Apple.

 Find My Car

Here is the first one. There are a numbers of apps out in the iTunes that help you to find out the exact area where you have parked your car! Now, Apple made an app that has come as an inbuilt app with iOS 10. What do you think?? I know it’s a positive nod at your end.

Let’s move to the next one-

Sleep Analysis

Are you kidding me!! Sleep analysis! We have got this kinda apps in our fitness band. AAAhhhhhh…Those apps are pretty accurate but the one which comes with iOS 10 does not work without any smartwatch or fitness band!! And the breathtaking part is that, the app for “Sleep Analysis” is not accurate enough to please you.

Hopefully, it will get an update soon.

Wann see more?? Here is the another one-

Universal Copy Paste

Hey! You might be confused as you might have not see this feature before. Believe it or not, there is an app named “Pushbullet” in Apple store for a year at least which works as the new inbuilt app works in iOS 10. You can copy something from a, iOS device and paste that in another iOS device!!

Are your eyes coming out???

Then, let the eye balls be bigger because the next one is something you just can’t believe!

Snapchat’s photo editing options

You can catch the nerve of this point. Like Snapchat, now you can edit the photos in message easily. Tools used here in iOS 10 are also pretty similar. It’s nothing but a “GREAT COPY” of a fantastic idea.

Homekit apps in iOS 10 is nothing new

This is something for which iOS 10 was in discussion for few weeks. Do you know a thing that there are many home appliance makers who already have their apps in Apple store! Don’t believe us, check now.

Unlock Mac using Apple Watch

There are a number of apps like finger key which allow unlock Mac using iPhone. Apple has changed the idea a little bit and made the same for Apple watch. Simply, idea diversion- nothing else!!

What do you think?? Have you found something else?? Share with us and we will update that in our list.

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