iOS 10 Beta Comes With Four New Emojis: Smileys, Hands, Classic Mac and Hearts

Last Friday, Apple released four packs of animated emojis which can be used in iMessages and Messages API. These four sets of emojis are only available in iOS platform and it was made accessible through iTunes. Of the four sets, the hearts, smiley, hand set are the same one that has been used in the WatchOS. While the Classic Mac set features those emojis which were originally designed by Susan Kare in the 80’s.


If you are using iOS 10 Beta, then you can use these emojis while sending a message from the app. Users will also have the liberty to place different kinds of stickers in the chat bubbles, or even while sending pictures or even use two stickers to create a unique design.

We have all known that Apple have hardly entertained third party developers still now. But as revealed in the WWDC, Apple is opening up iMessages to the third party developers for the first time. Third party developers will not only add emojis but at the same time they have been given the permission to develop features that will help users to order food using iMessages or make payments.

We are sure that third party developers are going to add on a lot more emojis once the latest version of iMessage is released in later half of 2016. Stay tuned with us for more updates!!

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