How to Download and Activate iOS 10 Beta

How to Download and Activate iOS 10 Beta

2015 witnessed the grand release of iOS 9 and to say the least Apple fans were quite content with the updates introduced in this version of the mobile platform. What made the users really happy was the concise size of this software that helped in freeing some space from internal memory. Moreover, the updates that were introduced in this software also made the users really content. But that would not stop from contemplating about the features of the next generation mobile platform from the house of Apple i.e. iOS 10.

iOS 10 Beta Release Date

iOS 10 Beta 1 : Release Date

Each year, Apple releases a next generation mobile operating system in the month of June at the WWDC and thereafter releases an iPhone and the full version of OS in September. Here we are going to chalk out a list of iOS 10 Beta release dates:

iOS 10 Beta 1: 13th June 2016

If you are interested in downloading iOS 10 beta version, then you must follow the following steps:

How to download and Install the iOS 10 beta

In order to get access to the Developer Beta 1 of iOS 10, interested users must sign up for Apple’s Public Software Beta program. Here is a step-by-step guide on what on what you need to do:

Firstly, register your phones unique identification code with Apple. Only after activating your unique identification code, users are going to get access to the iOS 10 beta version. In this way Apple will be able to keep a track on the performance of the beta version and know about the areas for further development. check your iDevice is compatible with iOS 10 or not.

Secondly, having iTunes in your gadget is absolutely necessary as you would need it taking back up of all the existing files in the phone.

Thereafter, download iOS 10 beta in your gadget. You can get access to iOS 10 beta version from Apple’s official site.

Next, go to iTunes and click on restore to upgrade the beta version of the software in your phone.

Lastly, select the file which you have downloaded and wait for it to get installed in the phone or tablet.

In this way you can install iOS 10 beta version and can restore back to previous software using iTunes only. We do think that users will be really satisfied while using iOS 10 beta version and provide Apple engineers with important feedback so that they can make a better mobile platform for all the loyal fans.

Know that this Beta version is not a stable release, therefore isn’t made for day to day usage. But it does come with a hell lot to fresh and innovative features that were announced at the WWDC 2016. Or you can simply wait for the Public Beta version to come out in a month. In order to install it for free, you’d need to sign up with the public beta program. You’ll be notified when this version comes out.