Follow These Steps To Control Music App From Apple SmartWatch

Apple Watch is not just a great smartwatch, it is a great accompaniment with iPhone as well. Owning an Apple watch will help you to handle your iPhone with much ease without turning it on time and again. Handling Music app will become much easier if you own Apple watch. Now you have the option of controlling the Music app directly from iPhone which is specially useful if you are in between your work out sessions or on the move. There are two apps on the Apple watch that will help users to control the Music app on your iPhone, i.e. the Remote and Music. This Music app also helps you to switch on internet radio or turn on Apple Music to play songs of your choice. When this app is working, users can perform functions like lowering or increasing the volume, skip a track, mark a track as favorite, pause or other functions.

Follow These Steps To Control Music App From Apple SmartWatch

Apple smartwatch’s Remote app helps users to sync the watch with other gadgets on your network like Mac, Apple TV or any PC with iTunes installed in it. Thereafter, they can perform all the basic functions mentioned above.

Just in case you do not want to sync your watch with any other gadget and use the watch only for listening to songs, that is also possible. All you need to do is pair your watch with headphones and transfer your favorites to your watch. Two things that you must remember while doing this are: storage capacity of the watch is not much, so prepare a playlist of your favorites and then start transferring. Second, the process of the transferring via Bluetooth is very slow so its best leave it for running overnight. This is how you can initiate the process of creating a list of your favorite songs in your Apple smartwatch:

Step 1:

Click on watch app on your iPhone and find out the Music tab. Click on it and find out the option synced playlist and again click on it. Thereafter, select the list that you would like to store in your smartwatch.

Step 2:

By default the watch app can store as much as 1GB of songs in your smartwatch and you can increase the storage capacity up to 2GB or reduce it to 100MB. In this way users have the option of choosing how much space they want to occupy. When the whole process is complete, the gadget is going to show you within your limited space how many songs have been stored in the gadget.

Step 3:

Now you can launch Music app on your smartwatch, amongst the various option present before you find out Apple Watch which is the source of playing music and select it. Thereafter, use My Music to listen to the songs that you have saved in your playlist with the help of Bluetooth earphones.

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