FIFA has always been one of the most favorite video games among the gamers across the world. And what has contributed to this is the fact that the game has been the most realistic one that has ever been developed. Electronic Arts deserves a lot of credit for that, and with FIFA 18 all set to make an appearance in the latter half of the year 2017, things are expected to get much more realistic. A number of new things are going to be included in FIFA 18, and here we are with a list of things that might come in the game FIFA 18.


 The first and foremost thing that should be discussed here is the debate that is going round among the fans regarding the cover star of the game. The latest news has come up revealing the fact that Dele Alli will don the cover of the game FIFA 18 when the game releases in the month of September this year. Over the years, we have seen rising stars becoming the cover star of the game from FIFA. And if Dele Alli turns out to be the cover star of FIFA 18, it will be really great for the rising star as he has been in sublime form this season for his club Tottenham Hotspur.

Other than the debate regarding the cover star there are a number of things that the gamers are looking forward in the game FIFA 18. There are a number of players who might get a higher rating in the upcoming version of the game. Players like David De Gea, Luka Modric, Toni Kroos and Zlatan Ibrahimovic might get a better rating than what they have got in the already available version of the game. It remains to be seen whether Zlatan gets a higher rating in FIFA 18 or not because of the fact that age is not on his side but the kind of form he is in might just force the developers to think about giving him a higher rating in FIFA 18.

However, the graphical glitches are something that the fans of FIFA would like to see getting fixed in the next edition of the game. Also, there are occasions, when the commentary of the game does not synchronize with the match that is going on. The developers should take a look at that and make an attempt to fix that problem in order to make things much more realistic than it has been over the years.

Alongside these, fans are expecting the developers to bring in changes in the Journey Mode as well. The Journey Mode in FIFA 17 has been a real hit among the gamers across the world, and an upgraded form of that playing mode will really be interesting for all the gamers. The women’s football also needs to be addressed a bit as there hasn’t been enough improvement in the women’s section since its inception in FIFA. FIFA 18, if comes out with all these minor and major changes will surely become the most realistic game to be ever made in the field of video games.


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