Concept Designs of Next Generation iOS 10

Last year iOS 9 brought with it quite a number of changes which was welcomed by Apple users all across the globe. This year as the time for the release of iOS 10 draws near, yet again tech geeks have started speculating about the features of iOS 10. Many improvisations were introduced last year in terms of features, so this year we are primarily expecting changes in the design of the OS. Here are some of the concept designs created by tech geeks primarily featuring design changes.

New iOS 10 Concept Design


Changes in Home Screen

The concept design of iOS 10 has brought about significant changes in the Home Screen. Firstly, for using a particular app, users need not launch the app. All they need to do is swipe down on it and thereafter complete the task. Moreover, users need not open the app for updating it. They can simply swipe down on the app and they will be presented with the options to choose from like updating or deleting it.

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Increased Functionality from Lock Screen

Another update expected in iOS 10 is to increase the functionality from locked screen. For example users will have the option of switch on or off the alarm clock without unlocking the phone. They will also have the option of checking the notifications without unlocking the phone. There are also rumors about a dark mode that will be automatically switched on in the night, which is going to be less straining on your eyes.

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Multitasking UI

In accordance with the new concept design, the functionality of the user interface is also going to increase a lot. All the apps running in the phone can be seen from the Home screen and users have the option to set different colors for different apps, so they can easily identify which ones are more important. Moreover, it will be possible to close down an app by simply swiping down on it.

The new concept design adds a lot of functions to the design of the OS and makes iOS 10 a lot more user friendly. Therefore, the changes will be definitely welcomed by the users. We will be eagerly waiting for WWDC 2016, where iOS 10 will be unveiled. We welcome your feedback and ideas about add on features that you would like to see in iOS 10 in the comments section.

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