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Apple’s latest mobile operating system iOS 10 was revealed at the WWDC 2016. While lot of folks are, no doubt, excited about the upcoming iPhone 7 that’ll feature Apple’s latest mobile platform, a lot of Apple user are probably wondering if their old devices are going to be compatible to the new OS. It’s obvious that the upcoming Apple devices are going to run on the iOS 10. But in this post we are going to list the iPhones, iPads and iPods that are eligible for update.



All iPhones starting with iPhone 5 are compatible with iOS 10. One of the highlights of this OS is that it consumes less memory compared to its predecessors. In case you forgot or aren’t aware of the model of your phone, simply go over to Settings > About Phone, where you’ll find the model number. Below is a list of all iOS 10 compatible iPhone:

  • iPhone 6s
  • iPhone 6s Plus
  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 6 Plus
  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 5s
  • iPhone 5c
  • iPhone 5


Like iPhones, users of iPads are surely going to benefit if they upgrade to iOS 10. The OS comes with a range of new and exciting features that’ll give your tab a boost in performance. If you don’t receive an update then you can manually update your phone. The following iPads are eligible for the iOS 10 update:

  • iPad Pro 12.9-inch
    iPad Pro 9.7-inch
    iPad Air 2
    iPad Air
    iPad 4th generation
    iPad 3rd generation
    iPad 2
    iPad mini 4
    iPad mini 3
    iPad mini 2
    iPad mini


Of all the iPods, only the one’s after 5th generation are eligible for the update. The new iOS promises a smooth performance of the device and enhanced new features that’ll give users the ultimate experience.

  • iPod touch 5th generation
  • iPod touch 6th generation

Wrap Up:

Well, those were the iOS 10 compatible Apple devices. Upgrading your device to the new operating system is advisable because of the benefits that come with it. The new OS is going to take lesser space, will enhance the battery life and also comes equipped with a couple of power saving features. iOS is also said to prevent your device from becoming dead even when the battery is low. It’s important to know that the upgrade isn’t available for all devices but if your device is among the one’s we named above, upgrade right now.

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Last year iOS 9 brought with it quite a number of changes which was welcomed by Apple users all across the globe. This year as the time for the release of iOS 10 draws near, yet again tech geeks have started speculating about the features of iOS 10. Many improvisations were introduced last year in terms of features, so this year we are primarily expecting changes in the design of the OS. Here are some of the concept designs created by tech geeks primarily featuring design changes.

New iOS 10 Concept Design


Changes in Home Screen

The concept design of iOS 10 has brought about significant changes in the Home Screen. Firstly, for using a particular app, users need not launch the app. All they need to do is swipe down on it and thereafter complete the task. Moreover, users need not open the app for updating it. They can simply swipe down on the app and they will be presented with the options to choose from like updating or deleting it.

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Increased Functionality from Lock Screen

Another update expected in iOS 10 is to increase the functionality from locked screen. For example users will have the option of switch on or off the alarm clock without unlocking the phone. They will also have the option of checking the notifications without unlocking the phone. There are also rumors about a dark mode that will be automatically switched on in the night, which is going to be less straining on your eyes.

Multitasking UI

In accordance with the new concept design, the functionality of the user interface is also going to increase a lot. All the apps running in the phone can be seen from the Home screen and users have the option to set different colors for different apps, so they can easily identify which ones are more important. Moreover, it will be possible to close down an app by simply swiping down on it.

The new concept design adds a lot of functions to the design of the OS and makes iOS 10 a lot more user friendly. Therefore, the changes will be definitely welcomed by the users. We will be eagerly waiting for WWDC 2016, where iOS 10 will be unveiled. We welcome your feedback and ideas about add on features that you would like to see in iOS 10 in the comments section.

what we want to see in OS X 10.12

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Apple’s next generation smartwatch which is named Apple Watch S or something similar is due for release this year and that has created a lot of excitement in the cyber space. The Apple lovers are not speculating about the design of this watch, but they are primarily interested in the features that will be updated in the OS of the new watch. Here is a list of updates that we expect to see in the next generation OS of Apple’s smartwatch.

Apple WatchOS 3 Wishlist


Better Fitness App

The present Apple watch does not come with a GPS. Therefore, it is only possible to keep a record of the distance users have run by connecting it to the iPhone. This is set back which users you would love to see addressed in the next generation watch.

Moreover, Apple’s fitness app is not as versatile and dynamic as third party apps. So Apple needs to work on its fitness app to increase its functionality.

Introduce eSIM

Samsung’s Gear 2 is the first smartwatch that is equipped with an eSIM. Introduction of eSIM has helped to reduce the size of the watch and enable the watch to have separate network connectivity. All the major network providers are already equipping themselves so that they can provide the new range of smartwatches with data connection. And the best part is the users can share this data connection in a range of device.

Integrate iOS 9’s Peek and Pop Feature

The ‘Peek and Pop’ feature of iOS 9 allowed users to check different content from the notification center and reply to it from there itself without opening up the app. It would be great if this feature is integrated in Apple Watch OS 3. Having this feature in the small screen of Apple watch will be really difficult, and it would mean that both the software and hardware of the watch needs to be updated. Nonetheless, we would love to see this feature updated in the next generation Apple watch.

Better Battery


Short battery life has been a problem with most smartwatches and Apple’s smartwatch is no exception to that. Qualcomm, the company that makes processor for Android wearables is already working on its CPU to make it slimmer with better battery life. Therefore, developer at Apple must also design their gadget’s hardware to meet with this challenge.

The size of Apple watch’s OS must be also reduced to that there is more space for installing apps and data. In the present Apple smartwatch, apps take a long time to load and it is very slow. So the developers at Apple must work on these weak points to give this gadget a competitive edge.

Voice and Gestures Actions

The WatchOS 2 of Apple does not provide any gesture actions. But its competitor Android Marshmallow comes with a range of voice and gesture actions. By flicking the wrist Android watch users can send away or scroll the notifications. With Apple WatchOS 2 it is only possible to flick the wrist to turn it on or cover the watch to silence the gadget. It is time for Apple to integrate gesture actions in their watch so that it can compete with the other smartwatches.

Option to Customize Buttons

The Crown button has limited functionality as of now. Users can only zoom in or out and load apps with the help of it. We would be happy if WatchOS 3 gives users the option customize side buttons according to their needs.

Improvised Siri

In the 2nd generation of WatchOS Siri came with a lot of improvisations like getting access to fitness apps with the help of Siri, Homekit app, Maps etc. But Siri is extremely slow and sometimes come up with wrong answer. Therefore, developers need to work on these two things while developing the WatchOS 3.

Range of Watch Faces


The Android smartwatch users have the benefit of changing the watch face by downloading from the innumerable options present on the cyber space. However, Apple smartwatch users do not have such an alternative and they definitely long for one. Therefore, we would definitely like to see this feature integrated in Watch OS 3. Recently, there was a job opening at Apple to work on Apple Watch face which suggests that we can expect this improvisation in the next generation Apple WatchOS.

These are some of the features that we are expecting to be included in the next generation Apple Watch OS. If you would like to see some more variations and changes in the Apple WatchOS 3, please write to us in the comment’s section.

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Speculations regarding the features of next generation iOS 10 and OS X 10.12 have become the center of discussion amongst the developers, specially from the time the official date for WWDC was announced by Apple. From the beginning of 2016, the number of gadgets that are running on iOS 10 and OS X 10.12 have increased steadily as has been reported by MacRumors by analyzing their sites visit.


Right now it is too early to discuss about the features of iOS 10 and OS X 10.12, specially owing to the fact that Apple prefers maintaining confidentiality before launching any of its product. But that would not stop us from speculating about the new features that we might get to see in iOS 10 and OS X 10.12.

One additional feature that we might get to see in OS X 10.12 is Siri. Apple’s voice assistant that was previously available only in iOS platform, now will be a part of OS X as well. Secondly, we are expecting some improvisation in iOS 10 and OS X 10.12’s Photo app. Some features that were removed while upgrading Photo app from iPhoto will be brought back again. Detail about the features of Photo App is not available still now. But we will keep updating our readers as soon as we get some news.

Apple is going to unveil iOS 10 and OS X 10.12 in the WWDC that is going to be held from 13th June to 17th June in San Francisco. But these two platforms will be released not before fall 2016. After the two platforms will be unveiled in the WWDC, developers will get enough time to learn about the new features and thereafter come up with compatible apps.

Along with visits from iOS 10 and OS X 10.12 users, MacRumors has also reported that it is regularly getting visits from iOS 9.3.1 users which give us enough reason to think that the latest version of iOS 9 will be also released soon. Most probably it will be released before the coming of iOS 10 and OS X 10.12.

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iOS 9 was released this year and its innovative features have been appreciated by all the iPhone users. However, Apple has already started developing its next generation mobile platform. Just like any other year Apple is extremely secretive about the features of its next generation platform, but that does not stop us from speculating about the features of iOS 10.


Analysts have already speculated that the next generation iPhone 7 will be water proof and come with better RAM. Moreover, along with iPhone 7, iPhone 7c will be also released. The 7c will be released in the second half of 2016 and about Apple is probably planning to produce 260 million units of iPhones which means that there will be 12.5% annual increase in Apple’s production. On the contrary, there are also reports that there will be an annual drop of 4% in Samsung’s production level next year as the Chinese competitors has emerged as one of the greatest competitors of Samsung. Analysts are also of the opinion that this year Samsung will focus on developing the hardware of its next generation flagship smartphone.

Coming back to our main focus of discussion, here are some of the features that we expect to see in iOS 10. Some of the features mentioned in this write up may appear to be too futuristic to appear in iOS 10 and some features mentioned in this write are already a feature of Android or Windows platform and now we are expecting it in iOS 10. We may or may not get to see to it, but at this juncture of its developmental stage we can be definitely hopeful.

Remove Unwanted App

There are some pre-installed apps in iOS platform which we do not use and do not want to use in the future course of time. However, whenever we activate the screen of the phone we can see those useless apps. Therefore, we would like Apple developer to make iOS 10 more personalized so that they can get the freedom of deleting or hiding all the unwanted pre-installed apps from the phone.

Personalized Control Center

The present control center of iOS platform is really user-friendly as user can get control to variety of features by just swiping the finger from the bottom of the phone to the upward direction. This helps us to get access to a large variety of features like changing the mode of the phone, get access to apps like music, camera, time, calculator and many more. However, it would be great if we get the option of customizing the control center and only putting those apps in the control center that we need most.

Color Options In Menu Bar

Previously in all the operating systems developed by Apple white background was used in the menu bar and dock. We noticed a change for the first time in OS X Yosemite where a dark option was made available along with the light one. Apple PC users where happy with this change as they were of the opinion: it helps them to concentrate on their work. We would like to see this change in iOS 10 as well. Though iPhones and iPads are not used by professionals for doing their work but this will provide the users with greater variety.

Allow 3rd Party Apps

Since the very beginning iPhone users have been demanding Apple to add on this feature in the next generation platform, but their request has still remained unheard. So lets be hopeful and expect Apple to allow users use third party apps in iOS 10. Letting users use their favorite third party app instead of the default apps will help in making iPhones and iPads more popular among the users.

Access To Siri API

This is another feature that developers have been asking to be integrated since this platform was been introduced and the possibility of it being included is the least. Just in case we get to see this in the next generation iOS 10, then iPhones and iPads will become all the more the user-friendly and we will be to take commands from you.

Integrate iPad With Weather App

Weather app is one of the most useful and awesome (look wise) feature of iOS 10. However, iPad users get really disappointed as the weather app is not supported in the iPads. So this year we would like Apple developers to work on this aspect and make necessary amendments.

Translate Voice Message

We have been hearing that Apple has submitted several patents which show that the virtual assistant will become all the powerful and will be able to transcribe voice messages. Thereafter, users will have the option of reading voice messages instead of the hearing it. This will be welcomed by many users as they can read the voice message quickly while they are in a meeting and cannot take calls or listen to voice messages.

Multiple Users

We know that Apple gadgets have awesome security features that make these gadgets absolutely personalized. However, we would like to iOS 10 to come with multiple users support so that more than one person can use a particular gadget by creating different profiles. This will be specially convenient for the iPad users as then it can be shared by more than one member of the family by creating accounts in the same the gadget. Users can log in by feeding the password or fingerprint or pin and thereafter get access to their customized settings. Multiple users’ facilities in the home as well as in the home environment will help to share data easily and at the same time keep all your documents totally private. However, this particular feature is not really useful for the iPhones as it is a personalized gadget.

Users Need One ID

Apple ID was introduced long back when it was used for getting access to iTools and for Mac services. Again in the year 2003 Apple introduced another set of Apple ID for those using iTunes. So many users have more than one Apple ID so it will be best, if these are merged together creating only one Apple ID from where they can access iTunes, App store or any other apps for making payments.

Improved Mail App

The mail app of iOS platform is great and every year some improvements are integrated to make this app all the more effective. However, we would like to see one more improvement in the mail app of iOS 10 i.e. the ability to conceal or show nested folders so that users do not have to browse a lot for finding out there particular folder.

These are more or less all the changes that we would like to see in the iOS 10 platform, though we know that some of the changes put forward are too far flung. We would also like to know from the readers what kind of improvisation and inclusion they will like to see in the iOS 10 platform. So do post and share your ideas in the comment’s section so that developers can get an idea about the wish and expectations of the users.

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One after another rumours are hitting the market and iOS 10 rumour heating up the environment. Apple’s upcoming smartphone operating system is going to feature a never seen technology that will enable users to control Apple TV and Macbook and that also by some simple tapping. It’s going to be an “all in one” operating system for all Apple devices.


A better Siri, better Voice Control

Siri is coming with a couple of improvements this time. Let your voice command your wish. It’s refining the voice search. Go touchless and go beyond the future.

Control Every Apple device with iOS 10

With an iPhone you can control everything what you need, from changing channels in your TV to controlling Macbook. Beta version is expected to release in June 2016. Rumors rounding up that iOS 10 can’t be jail broken. This system is called rootless.

Privacy is still a big concern

Apple is working on fixing bugs and controlling hackers. Privacy in iCloud is expected to be tightened up as a lot of controversies were boomed out after celebs’ secret pictures had leaked publicly by a group of hackers.

Rumors are indicating some prominent changes like fluidic control panel and all in one setting where anyone can do with the Apple devices in home whatever they want. It seems by iOS 10; Apple is trying to bring all things under a single umbrella. Is it for simple control or towards a gigantic and robust technological revolution? Time will reveal everything.

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Last week in WWDC 2016 Apple has released the latest version of iOS software and the developer’s version is already available to those who...