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Speculations regarding the features of next generation iOS 10 and OS X 10.12 have become the center of discussion amongst the developers, specially from the time the official date for WWDC was announced by Apple. From the beginning of 2016, the number of gadgets that are running on iOS 10 and OS X 10.12 have increased steadily as has been reported by MacRumors by analyzing their sites visit.


Right now it is too early to discuss about the features of iOS 10 and OS X 10.12, specially owing to the fact that Apple prefers maintaining confidentiality before launching any of its product. But that would not stop us from speculating about the new features that we might get to see in iOS 10 and OS X 10.12.

One additional feature that we might get to see in OS X 10.12 is Siri. Apple’s voice assistant that was previously available only in iOS platform, now will be a part of OS X as well. Secondly, we are expecting some improvisation in iOS 10 and OS X 10.12’s Photo app. Some features that were removed while upgrading Photo app from iPhoto will be brought back again. Detail about the features of Photo App is not available still now. But we will keep updating our readers as soon as we get some news.

Apple is going to unveil iOS 10 and OS X 10.12 in the WWDC that is going to be held from 13th June to 17th June in San Francisco. But these two platforms will be released not before fall 2016. After the two platforms will be unveiled in the WWDC, developers will get enough time to learn about the new features and thereafter come up with compatible apps.

Along with visits from iOS 10 and OS X 10.12 users, MacRumors has also reported that it is regularly getting visits from iOS 9.3.1 users which give us enough reason to think that the latest version of iOS 9 will be also released soon. Most probably it will be released before the coming of iOS 10 and OS X 10.12.

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Apple officially came out with the dates for WWDC 2016 last week. Just like any year, this year the conference is going to take place in the month of June from 13th to 14th in San Francisco. We are expecting that Apple will set off the conference by showcasing an innovative range of its flagship products just as it does every year. Thereafter, it will be followed by the three days one to one interactive sessions as well as group discussion mainly centering on software development.


WWDC always brings a flurry of excitement amongst the developers and 2016 is no exception to that. It is time that Apple developers submit their wallpapers for review. If you are an avid Apple fan, then you must also try putting up innovative wallpaper for WWDC.


Here are the two wallpapers that have been put forward by iDB favorite and FlareZephry which we brought forth to you via Twitter. So pull up

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Android and iOS are the two widely used mobile platforms that dominate the entire world. These two companies have totally different business strategies and thus they seldom come into conflict with one another. Both these mobile platforms are extremely efficient and user friendly. I had the privilege of using both these platforms, and though both are my favorites but I found some features of Android Marshmallow that was missing in iOS. When I was using both these platforms simultaneously for many days, I was constantly comparing the features of these two platforms in my mind and that gave me the inspiration to pen down all the features of Android Marshmallow that we expect iOS 10 to have next year.

Virtual Home Button

We know that the home button in iPhones is kind of its signature style, but I feel that if Apple removes it, then it could increase the screen size without compromising with any of the functions of the gadget. Though iOS comes with a virtual back button in some apps in the left corner of the screen, but it is not as user friendly as Android platform’s one.

Location Responsive Device Functionality

Android users already have the privilege of setting the functionality of the device according to its location i.e. the functionality of the device will change automatically according to location like office, home, car or any other place. For example if the gadget detects that you are travelling in your car, the gadget would automatically connect car’s Bluetooth with the phone’s one. Or if it detects that you have reached home, then it disables all the lock screen features. We have hearing rumors that iOS platform is also going to support such feature from a long time, but we are yet to see it.

Multiple Users Support


Android platform supports multiple user support which enables many users to see a single gadget without interfering with the others documents. This is specially useful in a family where more than one can use a tablet and at the same time the parents can keep an eye on the activities of the children when they are connected to the net. Till now we didn’t find this feature in iOS platform and we really hope to see it soon.

Improve Proactive


Proactive and Google Now are the two virtual assistants that even introduced by Google and Apple respectively. After using both it is absolutely evident that Google Now is much better in comparison to Proactive. Google Now keeps you updated about your regular appointments, flight schedule, events and apps and I personally find it really convenient. Though Google Now is also available in iOS platform but it is not as efficient as in Android platform because of Google’s privacy features.

Modify Default Apps  


Though Apple gadgets are preferred by most users because, its range of products is extremely personalized, but while using it you may have the feeling that you are using a stranger’s phone. This is because Apple never allows the users to uninstall the default apps. Most Apple users would be happy to hear that Apple is also allowing third party apps in its gadgets in place of the default apps. Lets hope that this year iPhone users will have the option of uninstalling preinstalled apps and using third party apps.

Wider Range of Wallpapers

Android users can easily change wallpapers and a wide range of 2D as well as 3D theme based wallpapers are available to the users. Android users can easily download it and change it. But iOS users have access to a limited collection of live wallpapers and honestly it is not as remarkable as Android’s wallpapers. This is one of the most serious drawbacks of iOS platform on which it needs to work on.

Free Google Backup

Android users have the privilege of creating a back up of all your data and photos in Google Drive or Photos at free of cost. Any smartphone run on Android platform of any price range will have this privilege only of they have access to internet. However, iPhone users have to pay excess monthly fee for getting access to iCloud. It is time that iOS users at least allow its users to store at least a limited amount of data in iCloud at free of cost.

Better Top of Screen Status Bar

The Top of Screen Status bar of iPhone or iPad mainly consist of unnecessary things like the carriers name, long battery and other things which are not that important. However, the status bar of Android platform mainly displays all the necessary things such as alarm clock if you have already set an alarm, download status, Wi-fi and Bluetooth symbol if they are turned on and other important things that are present in the notification center. This is really helpful for the users and if we iOS adapts this feature, then we would be more than happy.

Change Emergency Alert Settings

Both Android and iOS has emergency alert features. However, in iOS platform there is no option to change the settings of the emergency alert like disable vibration or give reminder only once in two minutes or fifteen minutes. Moreover, there is an option to categorize between ‘extreme threat to life and property’, ‘severe threat to life and property’ and AMBER alerts. In iOS platform users have only two options ‘emergency alert’ or ‘AMBER Alerts’ and with the option of either turning them on or off.

Touch ID Should Not Wipe Away Notifications

One of the main problems with iOS is that whenever the user touches the Touch ID, all the notifications wipe away and are stored in the form of group notification. This is not so in case of Android platform. I have to swipe through them one by one to clear it. I found Android approach to handle this problem which more scientific and user friendly and thus would expect in next generation iOS platform i.e. iOS 10.

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iOS 9 was released this year and its innovative features have been appreciated by all the iPhone users. However, Apple has already started developing its next generation mobile platform. Just like any other year Apple is extremely secretive about the features of its next generation platform, but that does not stop us from speculating about the features of iOS 10.


Analysts have already speculated that the next generation iPhone 7 will be water proof and come with better RAM. Moreover, along with iPhone 7, iPhone 7c will be also released. The 7c will be released in the second half of 2016 and about Apple is probably planning to produce 260 million units of iPhones which means that there will be 12.5% annual increase in Apple’s production. On the contrary, there are also reports that there will be an annual drop of 4% in Samsung’s production level next year as the Chinese competitors has emerged as one of the greatest competitors of Samsung. Analysts are also of the opinion that this year Samsung will focus on developing the hardware of its next generation flagship smartphone.

Coming back to our main focus of discussion, here are some of the features that we expect to see in iOS 10. Some of the features mentioned in this write up may appear to be too futuristic to appear in iOS 10 and some features mentioned in this write are already a feature of Android or Windows platform and now we are expecting it in iOS 10. We may or may not get to see to it, but at this juncture of its developmental stage we can be definitely hopeful.

Remove Unwanted App

There are some pre-installed apps in iOS platform which we do not use and do not want to use in the future course of time. However, whenever we activate the screen of the phone we can see those useless apps. Therefore, we would like Apple developer to make iOS 10 more personalized so that they can get the freedom of deleting or hiding all the unwanted pre-installed apps from the phone.

Personalized Control Center

The present control center of iOS platform is really user-friendly as user can get control to variety of features by just swiping the finger from the bottom of the phone to the upward direction. This helps us to get access to a large variety of features like changing the mode of the phone, get access to apps like music, camera, time, calculator and many more. However, it would be great if we get the option of customizing the control center and only putting those apps in the control center that we need most.

Color Options In Menu Bar

Previously in all the operating systems developed by Apple white background was used in the menu bar and dock. We noticed a change for the first time in OS X Yosemite where a dark option was made available along with the light one. Apple PC users where happy with this change as they were of the opinion: it helps them to concentrate on their work. We would like to see this change in iOS 10 as well. Though iPhones and iPads are not used by professionals for doing their work but this will provide the users with greater variety.

Allow 3rd Party Apps

Since the very beginning iPhone users have been demanding Apple to add on this feature in the next generation platform, but their request has still remained unheard. So lets be hopeful and expect Apple to allow users use third party apps in iOS 10. Letting users use their favorite third party app instead of the default apps will help in making iPhones and iPads more popular among the users.

Access To Siri API

This is another feature that developers have been asking to be integrated since this platform was been introduced and the possibility of it being included is the least. Just in case we get to see this in the next generation iOS 10, then iPhones and iPads will become all the more the user-friendly and we will be to take commands from you.

Integrate iPad With Weather App

Weather app is one of the most useful and awesome (look wise) feature of iOS 10. However, iPad users get really disappointed as the weather app is not supported in the iPads. So this year we would like Apple developers to work on this aspect and make necessary amendments.

Translate Voice Message

We have been hearing that Apple has submitted several patents which show that the virtual assistant will become all the powerful and will be able to transcribe voice messages. Thereafter, users will have the option of reading voice messages instead of the hearing it. This will be welcomed by many users as they can read the voice message quickly while they are in a meeting and cannot take calls or listen to voice messages.

Multiple Users

We know that Apple gadgets have awesome security features that make these gadgets absolutely personalized. However, we would like to iOS 10 to come with multiple users support so that more than one person can use a particular gadget by creating different profiles. This will be specially convenient for the iPad users as then it can be shared by more than one member of the family by creating accounts in the same the gadget. Users can log in by feeding the password or fingerprint or pin and thereafter get access to their customized settings. Multiple users’ facilities in the home as well as in the home environment will help to share data easily and at the same time keep all your documents totally private. However, this particular feature is not really useful for the iPhones as it is a personalized gadget.

Users Need One ID

Apple ID was introduced long back when it was used for getting access to iTools and for Mac services. Again in the year 2003 Apple introduced another set of Apple ID for those using iTunes. So many users have more than one Apple ID so it will be best, if these are merged together creating only one Apple ID from where they can access iTunes, App store or any other apps for making payments.

Improved Mail App

The mail app of iOS platform is great and every year some improvements are integrated to make this app all the more effective. However, we would like to see one more improvement in the mail app of iOS 10 i.e. the ability to conceal or show nested folders so that users do not have to browse a lot for finding out there particular folder.

These are more or less all the changes that we would like to see in the iOS 10 platform, though we know that some of the changes put forward are too far flung. We would also like to know from the readers what kind of improvisation and inclusion they will like to see in the iOS 10 platform. So do post and share your ideas in the comment’s section so that developers can get an idea about the wish and expectations of the users.

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One after another rumours are hitting the market and iOS 10 rumour heating up the environment. Apple’s upcoming smartphone operating system is going to feature a never seen technology that will enable users to control Apple TV and Macbook and that also by some simple tapping. It’s going to be an “all in one” operating system for all Apple devices.


A better Siri, better Voice Control

Siri is coming with a couple of improvements this time. Let your voice command your wish. It’s refining the voice search. Go touchless and go beyond the future.

Control Every Apple device with iOS 10

With an iPhone you can control everything what you need, from changing channels in your TV to controlling Macbook. Beta version is expected to release in June 2016. Rumors rounding up that iOS 10 can’t be jail broken. This system is called rootless.

Privacy is still a big concern

Apple is working on fixing bugs and controlling hackers. Privacy in iCloud is expected to be tightened up as a lot of controversies were boomed out after celebs’ secret pictures had leaked publicly by a group of hackers.

Rumors are indicating some prominent changes like fluidic control panel and all in one setting where anyone can do with the Apple devices in home whatever they want. It seems by iOS 10; Apple is trying to bring all things under a single umbrella. Is it for simple control or towards a gigantic and robust technological revolution? Time will reveal everything.

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iOS 10 + OS X

iOS 9 and OS X 10.11 El Captain the mobile and desktop operating system from the house of Apple were released in the year 2015 and it was well accepted by the people in general. Apple users were happy with the new features of both these platforms.

iOS 10 + OS X

However, rumor has it that lately Apple has shifted its focus on the next generation iOS and OS X platform that will be released next year i.e. iOS 10 and OS X 10.12. Most of Apple’s software engineers are dedicating their time and energy in developing iOS 10 and OS X 10.12.

ios 10 and OS X 10.12

Apple has focused its attention for developing the next generation operating system from the month of September, but at the initial stage the pace of development was slow. But lately Apple is dedicating most of its time and energy in developing this platform. Only a small team is being chalked out for fixing the bugs of iOS 9.2 and OS X 10.11.2.

Our sources have revealed that the code name for OS X 10.12 is ‘Fuji’. We will keep updating you with more news and rumors about the next generation platform when we come to know about it.

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If you get annoyed while hearing voicemails, then you are not the only person who hates this ordeal. I find instant messengers and text messages are much better way to converse with someone, when you cannot reach over that person in phone.


Good news is that, Apple developers have come to know how much we hate voicemail and thereby it is trying to improvise Siri in such a way so that Siri can take calls on our behalf and transcribe the voicemail messages as well. This would be a major development that iOS 10 is expected to come with next year.

This service would be named iCloud Voicemail and it would let iPhone to provide instruction to Siri when they are busy. Thereafter, Siri is going to take all the calls on behalf of the user instead of automatically passing it on to voicemail. Thereafter, the caller can leave a message which will be automatically transcribed by Siri and saved in iCloud.

In the present iOS, some major improvements were integrated specially with regard to the virtual assistant feature, which was made all the more powerful. The virtual assistant of iOS 9 platform has become a prototype of Google Now, thereby assisting the users in all possible ways.

However, we could not ignore the fact that Apple’s interest in developing the virtual assistant, developing the iCloud service and launching of the unique SIM card concept might be an indication of the fact that Apple is thinking of starting over a new business. It will be planning to become a mobile virtual network operator in the future and that is why it has started taking all these baby steps.

We have lots more to share, so stay in touch with us for the latest news.

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iOS 9 is going to be launched any time soon and we have also got idea about the updated features iOS 9. Apple aficionados have already started contemplating about the features of iOS 10, which is expected to arrive in 2016.


Rumor has it that Apple is presently working on an innovative voicemail service that it wishes to introduce in the next generation iOS platform. While the old users find voicemail convenient when it cannot reach out to the person on the other end, new users are more keen on sending text messages when they cannot contact the person on the other end. Apple wishes to provide all the users with an easy way to deal with the problem and that’s why it had taken up the initiative to update Siri which will resolve this problem.

The updated Siri that will come with iOS 10 would have the capability to answer phone calls on the users’ behalf when they cannot pick up the call. Thereafter, Siri would convert the convert the voicemail into a text message automatically and store it in iCloud. In this way users can get rid from a common problem i.e. there would be no chance of missing out vital details while listening to voicemails. Introduction of this feature is also going to make iPhones all the more safe as users need not share information like their location or why they can’t pick up the call with the person who is calling.

However, we must mention here that Android users have been using this feature from a long time with Google Voice. But we must also admit that Google Voice has a lot of flaws on which the developers needs to work on. We are pretty sure that Apple is already aware of the flaws of Google Voice and it is going to work on this upgrade in a way so that iCloud Voicemail works perfectly.

Introduction of features like iCloud voicemail and unique sim card in Apple’s future generation phone could also indicate that Apple may introduce mobile virtual network operator service in the future.

Siri had been made a lot smarter in iOS 9 itself. This time it has been programmed to understand terminologies like ‘it and this’ when the users use these words perfectly. Moreover, iOS 9 will be compatible with a range of Apple products like iPhones, iPods, iPads etc. Apple has tried to tighten the security features of iOS 9 by increasing the length of the passcode from four to six.

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Last week in WWDC 2016 Apple has released the latest version of iOS software and the developer’s version is already available to those who...