Apple WatchOS 3 Wishlist : What we want to See in next Apple OS

Apple’s next generation smartwatch which is named Apple Watch S or something similar is due for release this year and that has created a lot of excitement in the cyber space. The Apple lovers are not speculating about the design of this watch, but they are primarily interested in the features that will be updated in the OS of the new watch. Here is a list of updates that we expect to see in the next generation OS of Apple’s smartwatch.

Apple WatchOS 3 Wishlist


Better Fitness App

The present Apple watch does not come with a GPS. Therefore, it is only possible to keep a record of the distance users have run by connecting it to the iPhone. This is set back which users you would love to see addressed in the next generation watch.

Moreover, Apple’s fitness app is not as versatile and dynamic as third party apps. So Apple needs to work on its fitness app to increase its functionality.

Introduce eSIM

Samsung’s Gear 2 is the first smartwatch that is equipped with an eSIM. Introduction of eSIM has helped to reduce the size of the watch and enable the watch to have separate network connectivity. All the major network providers are already equipping themselves so that they can provide the new range of smartwatches with data connection. And the best part is the users can share this data connection in a range of device.

Integrate iOS 9’s Peek and Pop Feature

The ‘Peek and Pop’ feature of iOS 9 allowed users to check different content from the notification center and reply to it from there itself without opening up the app. It would be great if this feature is integrated in Apple Watch OS 3. Having this feature in the small screen of Apple watch will be really difficult, and it would mean that both the software and hardware of the watch needs to be updated. Nonetheless, we would love to see this feature updated in the next generation Apple watch.

Better Battery


Short battery life has been a problem with most smartwatches and Apple’s smartwatch is no exception to that. Qualcomm, the company that makes processor for Android wearables is already working on its CPU to make it slimmer with better battery life. Therefore, developer at Apple must also design their gadget’s hardware to meet with this challenge.

The size of Apple watch’s OS must be also reduced to that there is more space for installing apps and data. In the present Apple smartwatch, apps take a long time to load and it is very slow. So the developers at Apple must work on these weak points to give this gadget a competitive edge.

Voice and Gestures Actions

The WatchOS 2 of Apple does not provide any gesture actions. But its competitor Android Marshmallow comes with a range of voice and gesture actions. By flicking the wrist Android watch users can send away or scroll the notifications. With Apple WatchOS 2 it is only possible to flick the wrist to turn it on or cover the watch to silence the gadget. It is time for Apple to integrate gesture actions in their watch so that it can compete with the other smartwatches.

Option to Customize Buttons

The Crown button has limited functionality as of now. Users can only zoom in or out and load apps with the help of it. We would be happy if WatchOS 3 gives users the option customize side buttons according to their needs.

Improvised Siri

In the 2nd generation of WatchOS Siri came with a lot of improvisations like getting access to fitness apps with the help of Siri, Homekit app, Maps etc. But Siri is extremely slow and sometimes come up with wrong answer. Therefore, developers need to work on these two things while developing the WatchOS 3.

Range of Watch Faces


The Android smartwatch users have the benefit of changing the watch face by downloading from the innumerable options present on the cyber space. However, Apple smartwatch users do not have such an alternative and they definitely long for one. Therefore, we would definitely like to see this feature integrated in Watch OS 3. Recently, there was a job opening at Apple to work on Apple Watch face which suggests that we can expect this improvisation in the next generation Apple WatchOS.

These are some of the features that we are expecting to be included in the next generation Apple Watch OS. If you would like to see some more variations and changes in the Apple WatchOS 3, please write to us in the comment’s section.

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