Anticipating A Much Improvised CarPlay in iOS 10

CarPlay was first launched with iOS 8 in the year 2014. This app was much better in comparison to its predecessor and in the following year an improvised version of this app was launched along with much needed features. Presently, CarPlay users can have the same experience as that of Apple Music while using it. However, in the next generation iOS, which is going to be introduced in the last quarter of 2016, CarPlay has many more things in store for all its users.


CarPlay is of great help while you are driving the car. It shuts down most of the apps so that you can concentrate fully on the road while driving. You are only going to get alerts if someone is calling you, message alerts or help you in navigating the car in the right direction. An optimized version of these three apps is shown on the screen, along with some of the entertainment apps like Music, audiobook playback etc. CarPlay lets you use music app safely while driving the car.

An innovation that has been introduced in CarPlay in 2016 is that now the users have the option of optimizing the CarPlay app according to their preference. So if you never use Podcast or Audiobooks on CarPlay, you have the option of removing them from the Homescreen. Therefore, now you have the option of exclusively use Apple Music on your CarPlay, though you have another music playing app on your iPhone. Just go to Settings and navigate to General settings and then find out the option CarPlay. Tap on it and thereafter you can keep on adding or removing the apps that you want to see in CarPlay. However, certain apps will be present like Maps, Phone, Messages, Music etc.

Though we can’t remove some of the apps mentioned above, but CarPlay users will have the option of reorganize the apps according to your preference. All you need to do is toggle over to the same CarPlay option through Settings, thereafter press and hold over the icons of the different apps for rearranging it. Users also have the option of hiding apps that they do not use.

The same updated Apple Music app which will be present in iOS 10, will be also present in CarPlay. Apple Music was synced with CarPlay for the first time in iOS 9.3 and it will be present with all the improvisations in the latest version of CarPlay. For example, users will have the option of editing and arranging the different categories in Music app according to their need. Like Albums, Artists, Songs etc according to your own preference.

iOS 10 is coming with some major improvements in Siri, the voice assistant. This is a good news for CarPlay users as Carplay is totally dependent on Siri. Skype, Facebook Messenger and other VoIP apps as well as Phone app are expected to become better with iOS 10. So it might be so that CarPlay will come with the ability to make phone calls with Phone app using internet connection.

Two more features that we expect to see in CarPlay is that, it will have the ability to support wider screen and the CarPlay Maps instrument clusters. That’s all about CarPlay updates that we could gather still now, stay tuned for more updates. We will float the news as soon as we get some positive updates. read out detail post about best car battery.

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