Apple iOS 10: All You Want to Know and Waiting For!

Apple iOS 10: All You Want to Know and Waiting For!

This year iOS 9 had created quite a sensation in the mobile world with its innovative and valuable additional features. The split screen feature available on the iPad and virtual assistant of iOS 9 has been appreciated by the users a lot. Now we have already started looking forward to the next generation iOS software i.e. iOS 10.

Apple has not tipped us about any of the features that might be present in iOS 10, but that cannot stop us from jotting down a list of innovations that we are expecting from iOS 10. So here is a list of features that we would like to see in iOS 10 which is going to be released in the mid of 2016. This mobile platform is going to available not only on the next generation iPhone i.e. iPhone 7 and tablets, but the update will be also available on some of the existing range of iPhone and iPad like iPhone 5, iPhone 6, 6s and all.

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ios 10 concept

Here is list of features of iOS 10 that we will happy to see and those we have heard about:

Access to Multiple Users

Multiple users support is specially useful for iPad users. It will let users use a single gadget which is basically very convenient in the household environment. Multiple users can create different accounts, no one can get access to the personal document of the other user. This feature is already present on the latest Android platform, so we are expecting this feature to be integrated in the next generation iOS platform as well. If this feature is incorporated in iOS 10, then iPads will also become the first choice of the professionals in different fields.

Voice Transcriber

Every year Siri is being updated by Apple so we are expecting Apple to follow the same trend even today. Rumor has it that iOS 10’s Siri will have the capacity to transcribe voice message so that users can read the message instead of hearing it. Moreover, there are also rumors that if an user is not picking up the call, then Siri can tell the caller the reason behind that.

More Options for Controlling Volume

If you watch a video on your iPhone or iPad, then you have to first turn on the video and then control its volume. In iOS 9, there are different options for controlling the volume of the video or any other media. This is really bothersome specially if you have started up YouTube in the middle of the night or in a public place. We are expecting iOS 10 to come with different options to control volume for different kinds of media. This will be really helpful for the users.

Touch ID

Touch ID of iOS 9 is definitely much better in comparison to the previous version of the software. However, it has become so quick that it becomes difficult for users to respond so quickly. So Apple developers need to slow down the speed of its Touch ID. We have heard Apple users complaining that the notifications shown on the home screen disappear almost instantly when the screen is activated. So this problem needs to be addressed in the next generation platform so that the users can use their phone with ease.

Modifiable Control Center  

The default control center of iOS 9 needs to be modified so that users will have the option of customizing it according the needs of the users. All the icons like watch, phone mode and others are present in the control center and all of that is not needed by us. Therefore, we would be happy to see a customizable control center so that we can choose the apps we want to see their according to our needs.

Innovations In 3D Touch

Though at first users could not understand the importance of the 3D Touch feature but when it was made available to different apps of the phone, then they came to realize the importance of the app. Now we would also like to see the 3D Touch feature extended to the control center of the software. If this feature is being extended to the control center, then by simply pressing the menus in the control center, we would get access to the settings of that particular menu. This would be really helpful for all the users.

Change Position of Apple News

The Apple News app of iOS 9 is really useful and the publications that are available on it are very good. However, one change that should be incorporated within it is its position. Apple News is in the right most menu of the screen and thus most users do not even know that this valuable app is present in their phone. It would better if this app is moved to the left menu, then it would be properly used by the users.


As far as iOS 10’s compatibility is concerned, we think that it will not be available to the five years old phones. But this OS will be available to all other iPhones and iPads that were released thereafter. Rumor has it that the new OS requires more space and RAM support which is not available in iPhone 4s and iPad 2. So it will not be possible to install this software in these gadgets. All the phones released thereafter, i.e. iPhone 5 series and iPhone 6 series can handle iOS 10 with ease. Even iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, iPad Air, iPad Mini 2,3 and 4 will also get access to the updated software.

iOS 10 Release Date

We are expecting Apple to release iOS 10 in its usual time i.e. in the month of June during the WWDC event. Thereafter the beta version of the software will be available to the registered members of Apple Developers Program immediately and the public beta version will be available to the users in general in a fortnight. The final updated version of the software is going to be released along with the next flagship iPhone i.e. iPhone 7 in the month of September and thereafter the update will be available to all other gadgets.

Stay with us to know more about iOS 10.